Thursday, September 25, 2014

Home again

Quick update because I promised. Maddy got the news fairly early from Dr Floreth that she was good to do home today. I was back to the hospital by noon and she was ready to go. The only thing in our way was that the nurse loves Maddy so much she didn't want to let her go. Lol. We have had a nice chill afternoon and evening at home. She has just a few days of the steroid left and is building up to the full dose of the headache medicine. Hopefully that will kick in soon. Her haeadaches are tolerable at the moment but still get pretty bad every now and then. The doc said she shouldn't drive for a few weeks until she is sure the confusion and short term memory problems are cleared up.

Thanks again for all the prayers and good vibes.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Update to the update


The neurologist came by earlier today with mostly good news. They are sure Maddy's issues are due to concussion and the scan was clear of any visible trauma. Basically she has a bruse on her brain but no bleeding or anything. That's the good part. The weird part is the doctor said the symptomems, dizziness, confusion, even hallucinations can possibly persist for months. I had no idea it could affect her that long. The doctor is sure it will all go away on its own as she heals. They prescribed a short corse of steroids that should help as well as a new med for her headaches. It's the kind of headache perscription that has to build up in her system before it works really good. Then she has to taper off again after a few months. When the doc talked about it I was reminded of the time she was on Gabapenten.

Overall Maddy is doing well. She was nauseous this morning but after the zofran and a good long nap she is feeling much better. She is a little extra shaky, which she does not like at all, but other than that she is feeling "ok I guess". Which is way better than when I asked her how she was feeling yesterday. Hopefully we will get out of here quickly.

That's all for now.


Another day in paradise!


It feels like we have been here a few days already! It took until 10PM or so to get to a regular room last night. And we were at the ER by noon. At around 4 they put us in a kind of limbo/purgatory place to wait for our room. It was actually a little better than the ER room we were in before. But only a little. Actually it was next door to the room they put Maddy in back on transplant day while we were prepping her for surgery and waiting for the all clear of the donor lungs. It was a little more exciting back then.

I took a moment last night to run home and grab Maddy some supply's for her stay. Hopefully I can make her comfortable and it will be a short visit. We are still waiting on the neurology consult to see what they think is really going on. Maddy was pretty clear headed yesterday and last night. She says she is a little confused about what's been going on for the last few days. She is running a slight fever and her cough is really bad so it's good we will get that taken care of while she is here. I ran into the station early this morning to get my work done so I can be here trough the day today and find out what's going on. When I got back around 10AM Maddy was nauseous and the nurse brought her some zofran. It's weird to me that all these symptomems of concussion are just now presenting themselves. I guess you never know with a head injury.

Hopefully we will have some better answers today. In the mean time here is a picture of me at work this morning... You can see exactly how happy I. Am about the situation! Lol

I will update again when we have some answers. Thanks for all the prayers and support! Especially my coworkers and boss who are away on a staff retreat day today without me. Wish I could be with you guys!


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Not how we wanted to spend our Tuesday

Maddy is in the ER! The story begins on Thursday evening when she got in a finder bender, I'm sure most of you saw that on Facebook. She cracked her right eye on the steering wheel. She seemed fine, other than a black eye, and wanted to go camping with her friends so she postponed getting checked out by a doctor. She was feeling fine through the weekend but yesterday started getting a little confused. I thought it was mostly from a lack of sleep, that happens sometimes from all the meds she is on. But this morning she had a bit of a traumatic episode of not knowing what day is is and thinking people were at the house who were not. She called me at work around 11 and we got her to the ER.

They did a cat scan and blood work as usual. Dr. Haddad came by soon after and said her kidney functions are out of whack and she is dehydrated. He looked at her scan and said there is nothing obviously messed up about it but reminded us he isn't a radiologist so we will wait for an official report. In the mean time Dr. Haddad is admitting her to get her rehydrated and watch her kidney functions. He's pretty sure she just has a slight concussion that will sort itself out. He said we should be out in 48 hours or so.

Maddy also has a sore throat and has been a little sniffuly for a few days so they will be sure to get that cleared up while she is here. I'll update more as we know what's happening. As of 3PM we are still waiting in the ER for a room on the regular floor.