Tuesday, September 13, 2011


It's that time again, time to check and make sure everything is going well in Maddy's new lungs. She has been doing very well these last few months. Her lungs are getting stronger every day. She was able to go to Universal Studios for Rock the Universe with ma last weekend and she had a blast. Last year she tried to go but could not get wrong the park because she couldn't breathe. This year she practically ran around both parks and road every coaster in sight!

Today we got to TGH at 6am for her next bronchoscopie, it's 8 now and we are all checked in and waiting. They will be looking for signs of rejection and doing little biopsy checks to make sure all the tissue is still healthy. If everything looks good they said they can finally cut back on her prednisone. Which will be a big relief because it puts her on edge and makes her mad at everyone all the time.

Not much else going on, Maddy's tummy is still giving her problems so her weight is not going up as fast as she would like. But it is going up, she is up about 4 pounds since her last visit three weeks ago. Hopefully they will be able to get things dialed in a little better for her soon.

I'll try to update this post next week when we get the results of today's biopsies.