Thursday, June 7, 2012

One Year Later

I can't believe a year has passed since we got the call! Tomorrow marks the 1st anniversary of Maddy's transplant and things could not be any better. Some of the milestones Maddy has achieved include...

  • Just under 70lbs when she was released from the hospital after the transplant, now she is 107lbs! 
  • Lung function before transplant was 12% now she is in the upper 70's and still climbing. 
  • Couldn't walk from the car into the Mall without stopping for breath, much less go shopping, now she walks everywhere and even rides her bike frequently. 
  • Had to quit High School because she was too sick to go to class. Maddy got her GED, passed without any studying the first time, and is applying for cosmetology school in the fall. 
  • Got her medi-port removed because she has not needed to be admitted to the hospital for lung infections since before the transplant.
  • No rejection episodes! 
I'm sure there are more we could list but I think you get the idea. Maddy has a life again! She has adjusted to the new medication regiment to maintain her transplant better than anyone thought she would, and we all knew she would be great at it anyway. It has been a crazy year and there have been plenty of hard times for her during her recovery. But she continues to approach every hurdle with a positive attitude and a desire to have her life back that keeps her going strong. Doctor visits use to be dreadful events that would make her very upset. Now they are celebrations! I can't even describe how much better everything is. 

I am so happy that Maddy has come through this so strong, healthy and happy! Thanks for all the support and for the continued prayers. I look forward to next year even more!