Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Some thoughts on a life well lived

Maddy’s life was way too short! But that little girl packed more living into her 22 years than most of us would be able to put into 100. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss Madelyne. Everything reminds me of her. I am fortunate that many people are still reaching out to me and sharing the impact Maddy had on their lives. Just this morning, for some seemingly unknown reason I received a message on Facebook from someone who Maddy helped. I won’t post her last name just in case she doesn't want the publicity. Here is the message. 

From Nickie;
Hi there! I never knew your daughter personally but I always read your blogs on her conditions. She helped me through a lot of my health issues through tumblr the past couple of years. We kind of related even though we have different health problems. .. she is an angel and a wonderful being. And you guys deserve the best! You were always by her side. And I just hope that things are going alright for you now. Keep your head up! Sorry if this is delayed or weird. I just found your Facebook and maybe thought I should say something because she is still my hero.

Nickie lives in Ohio and, as she mentioned, never met Maddy in person. Nickie suffers from an autonomic neurological disease. I asked about her health and am happy to know that her disease is being managed at the moment.

People from all over the U.S. and even some from around the world have reached out to me and told me that Maddy gave them encouragement to fight what ever struggles life threw their way. Maddy loved being able to share her insights with those who reached out to her and asked for help. She told me on multiple occasions that if she had to go through all those treatments and shitty hospital stays that at least she could share her struggle with others in the hopes that it would encourage them to continue their own fight. Maddy never tried to compare her trials to others. She always just shared what she was going through and inspire people to face what ever they had with the same ferocity. Nothing saddened Maddy more than to hear of someone giving up their fight. 

As I sit here thinking about the life my precious daughter fought so hard for I can’t help but be the most proud father in the whole world. It is good to know that Maddy lives on in those she touched. Thanks to all who have shared stories of how Maddy touched their lives. Please don’t ever stop sharing them with me. More importantly continue to share her story with the world.

I can only hope to live a life with half as much impact as Maddy did. 

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